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What is AydenPay?


  • AydenPay is a Free App that can be downloaded to any smart phone or POS. As a digital wallet AydenPay offers a Payment Solution for Marijuana Related Businesses by providing Patients and MRB’s the ability to do Cashless Transactions in real time directly from existing or new bank accounts.   

  • AydenPay leverages new technology called 2D that is Licensed, Internationally Patented, Identity protected and Fully Compliant. 

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The Payment Solution for Marijuana Related Business.

From Retail to Wholesale

AydenPay Provides

Cashless Transactions

for anyone in

Marijuana Related Business.


Offering Real Bank Accounts to,

Patients, Care Takers, Dispensaries, Cultivation, Manufactures of Infused Products

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How Does AydenPay Work?

  • Patients, Download the Free App and enter your banking information and you are ready to go.

  • Use Pay by 2D Option at participating retailers.

  • Scan QR Code to check out your Purchase.

  • Confirm the Transaction and a receipt will print. 

  • Dispensaries, Download the Free App and Update your POS.

  •  Select the 2D Option from your payment Options.

  • Allow Customer to Scan QR Code.

  • Confirm the Sale! 

Business to Business Transactions

  • AydenPay allows MRB's the ability to make cashless transactions from Business to Business.

  • There is No Cost for Business to Business Transactions.

  • Secure, Insured, Bonded, and Metrc Compliant


On-Line Orders and Delivery.

  • AydenPay can easily be used by any retailer that offers AydenPay on their online store.

  • Simply load your cart and select pay with 2D.

  • Scan the QR Code and Funds will be transferred from your account to make the purchase.

  • Choose a delivery option that is available from your favorite dispensary before check out to get delivery to your door. ID and Card required.


AydenPay, a dba of MGPayments LLC, will only operate as a fully compliant, bonded and insured financial institution. AydenPay will maintain registration and compliance with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury and any other jurisdiction where operational, including individual states within the United States.


Copyright © 2020 Aydenpay - All Rights Reserved.

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