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The worlds most efficient marijuana business intelligence software.


Revolutionize your MRB business by using

Pay Now with AdyenPay 

 (direct integration into Cannfind)

 to unleash the power of

Seed To CPA   

As we "pay it forward" together,


we are all Helping Ayden Help Others.

What is Cannfind?   

  • Cannfind is Marijuana Business Intelligence Software that offer a Market Place for licensed MRB's to Buy, Sale and Bid on Marijuana Related Products.

  • Cannfind offers Inventory Tracking Software to assist your MRB Buy and Sell Marijuana in a clear and Metrc Certified Marketplace.

Retail Sales Trends

  • Cannfind gives dispenser a specific breakdown of how products are selling - this gives dispensers a roadmap to stock their shelves with the most profitable product mix

Inventory Tracking

  • Real Time Inventory Connectivity Directly to Metrc.

  • Cannfind connects you directly with your STATE to ensure that you have an in-depth insight into your inventory as it exists on state databases.

Brand Sales by geographical region (multi-state)

  • Brand Performance At The Shelf Level

  • Cannfind can provide Shelf Level data to you with a 100% degree of accuracy.

Sales Numbers By Category

  • Flower/Trim/Concentrate Sales Broken Down By Demography

  • Our data shows brands which products are best sellers (or poor sellers) by geographical regions - this gives brands the ability to manage production.

Pay Now With AydenPay is now integrated directly into Cannfind - (New Feature - Q4 2021)

  • Use the "PAY NOW with AydenPay" button directly integrated into Cannfind                       and "Help Ayden Help Others."

Fanatical Support

  • Cannfind has a team of seasoned help desk and METRC professionals to assist you on how to approach regulators with any issues you may be unsure of.



Transfer Manifests & Delivery Options 

  • Cannfind automates transfer manifests ensuring accuracy. 

  • With the new "PayNow with AydenPay" feature, financial transaction data is attached to transfer manifests. Hello, "Seed to CPA!"

How much does Cannfind Cost? 

  • For Standard pricing contact Cannfind

  • Ayden Pay customers may earn access to Cannfind at a reduced cost.

  • Use the "PAY NOW with AydenPay" button to unleash Seed to CPA

AydenPay, a dba of MGPayments LLC, will only operate as a fully compliant, bonded and insured financial institution. AydenPay will maintain registration and compliance with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury and any other jurisdiction where operational, including individual states within the United States.


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